Kelly A. Malarski

“On January 13 at 7:00am I was admitted for a scheduled induction. My labor and delivery nurse Kristal was great. She explained everything that was going to take place and made me feel extremely comfortable during this nerve wracking time. Although this was my second baby I was never induced and didn’t’ know what to expect. Kristal was there every step of the way even when working closely with everyone else on the floor. After delivering my baby and having me moved to the post partum department she stopped in to check on me and say goodbye. I was really touched by her compassion and dedication. While over the post partum side I had wonderful nurses who made sure I was comfortable and didn’t need anything. The two nurses who really went above and beyond were Verna and Alice. Verna was my night nurse both nights. She checked in often and brought the baby to me. She made sure I was ok and didn’t need anything. She is truly a one of a kind. She’s very thoughtful, dedicated and caring, which shows in her work. She is definitely in the right profession. Alice checked us out on discharge day. She was extremely hands on, organized and made sure everything went smoothly and quickly. She made sure we had no questions and we were able to leave confident enough to take care of our new baby.
I felt the need to make you aware that you have a fabulous staff on the maternity floor-both in labor and delivery and also in the postpartum wing. It was a pleasant experience to have my baby with your more than qualified staff. I’m glad I got to meet all the nurses and doctors who made my stay more enjoyable. I thank you again for your time.” Sincerely,
Kelly A. Malarski, Middletown