Lisa Murray

“I wanted to express my gratitude and let you know of the wonderful nurses, NAs, doctors and staff we have here at Orange Regional. On Monday night, January 17 while I was an inpatient on Tower 4 East (442), I was awoken by an extremely sharp pain in my chest. It was nothing I had ever experienced and I was scared. I rang for the nurse and within seconds my nurse Jen and nursing assistant Alyssa were in my room starting to evaluate me. As the pain continued, everyone sprang into action…a doctor was called, vitals were taken, meds were given…labs were being drawn, then two more nurses (Kerin and Monica) came in to help and then Winnie another nursing assistant, Dr. Chembtob, along with the Nursing Supervisor Shirley Roberts. It was unbelievable how they calmly went through all the protocol to figure out what was going on. As they ruled out possibilities they moved on to the next med to cover me. The pain was not subsiding and I was getting nervous so I asked them to call my husband which they did very calmly. The nurses stayed with me…taking turns holding my hand, rubbing my back and trying to keep my calm. Finally after about an hour the pain finally started to subside and I was able to calm down with my husband by my side. Originally they thought a heart attack, but that was ruled out that night, then they thought I had thrown a clot to my lung…luckily after the test in the morning, it was determined that was not the case. After an EGD, the conclusion was I was having esophageal spasms in my chest. It was the most pain I had ever experienced, but with the help of the nursing and medical staff, I got through it. I am home now and doing much better.
I can not express enough how grateful and impressed I am by all. They were just incredible and sprang right into action. When you have been a patient as much as I have and have seen them go into action, you don’t really know what happens until it happens to you. You should be proud of all. They deserve high praises.
Thank you for having such a wonderful, talented and caring staff.  Please feel free to share this with those you feel appropriate.”  Sincerely,
Lisa Murray, Marketing and PR Department