Marjorie Latzko

“I have just returned from the Arden Hill Campus of the Orange Regional Medical Center (5:30 p.m.) where I spent six hours in the emergency room with my 86-year old client who lives at Glen Arden. I was concerned for her because she had had a double by-pass nine years ago. I called the ambulance when she confided that she felt listless and became breathless after taking only a few steps. I finally had to leave the emergency room at 5:00 p.m. without knowing if she was going to be admitted although I requested it since I wasn’t sure she would be safe in her apartment with no one to observe whether she was breathing easier. Dr. Piriano was waiting for the Hospitalist to give him the orders for admission. I was very pleased with Dr. Piriano’s “bedside manner.”
I am writing to say some favorable things about my client’s care. What a change from several years ago when I had to write a letter of complaint to Dr. Tuckfelt about my husband’s care. My client was seen quickly by the very professional and caring nurse (Adrienne) and aide (Kelly). The various technicians who did the tests were also professional, respectful and friendly. As the hours went by, any time my client needed help she received it very quickly. This was accomplished in spite of the extremely busy emergency room where ambulances seemed to be bringing in patients constantly. And then there were the surprising little “niceties”—offerings of water or cold drink, coffee, sandwich and cookies by a volunteer or the aide. It brought me back to the early days of Arden Hill Hospital when it was known for its warm, personal care.
This is what the community remembers when coming to the hospital, and I am sure this kind of atmosphere will be carried forward in the new ORMC hospital.
I will be sure to inform my friends and colleagues of this experience as will my client.”
Sincerely, Marjorie Latzko