Marybeth A. Tyrrell

“On Friday, February 23, 2012 I was rushed to your hospital and spent four days being tested and observed. I feel the need to tell you how impressed I was with everyone I came in contact with. Beginning with the Emergency Room doctor, the nurses and the people who treated me in the Emergency Room. I was treated promptly and explained everything which helped to ease my fears and anxiety.
I was taken to a room where the nursing staff was attentive, professional and caring. They spoke to me and explained what was happening and kept me informed of how I was progressing.
I would like to mention a few in particular. Pat Donvovan, Toni Sardello, Stacy Binns and Mary Ann Lyons.
I have been a manager in a large company for 27 years and I consider myself a good judge of character.
The people you have hired for your new hospital are of the highest quality.”  Continued success, sincerely, Marybeth A. Tyrrell, Campbell Hall, NY