Peter D. Markwalter Sr.

“I am writing to share with you some thoughts about ORMC from my own personal experience. No I was not a patient, but instead my Mother-in-Law is a current patient (Louise Bolte #2210). She lives with us and while we were away on vacation she needed care and I believe she was admitted on May 2nd. Being 80+ she went from one medical need to another ranging from an infected elbow which required a surgical drain to pneumonia. Due to her ever changing condition she was moved from the 4th floor to the 3rd and now for the past 6 days has been in the North wing of the 2nd floor and as of last night really seems to be headed towards discharge. We arrived back in town on May 5th and I can tell you that based on our family’s account prior to our arrival and our experience since we got back that not only is ORMC a state of the art facility designed to make a patient’s stay successful, but the staff is extraordinary in their expertise, professionalism, compassion, human interest, attention to detail ………………..and the list goes on. We as a family cannot say enough good about the care she has been given Mom and are extremely grateful for “our new hospital”! I am sure that folks are quick to tell you when they are not happy, but not so when they are satisfied, so I wanted you to be aware that from our family’s standpoint there is no question where we will go from now on for any hospital care we need. Add to all the things I have already said, the fact that we can be in the door of this excellent facility in just over 20 minutes and that makes it convenient too.”  Sincerely,  Peter D. Markwalter Sr.