Phillys Rubin

“I had a colonoscopy at Orange Regional Medical Center. From the moment I entered the hospital I was greeted and treated warmly and respectfully. I entered at the Out Patient Wing and asked for directions. A most pleasant young woman escorted me to the proper area. The woman at the Lobby Desk was also most genial as was the woman I registered with. Then the woman at the waiting room desk continued the cordiality. Each of these people smiled, were pleasant and had a sense of humor.  I did not even have time to read my book as I was promptly taken into the suite. That was where I met the nurse advocate Maureen Rose. My praise, my words cannot express my gratitude for having such a fine, professional, knowledgeable, caring nurse attend to me. By the time I was wheeled in for the procedure, I was so relaxed as Mrs. Rose had made me feel that I had been at a tea party with a gracious and caring friend.  Anesthesiologist Dr. Yang also greeted me with a wonderful smile. I immediately knew that she was very capable and professional, yet she did not act superior. I knew I was safe with her. We are all blessed to have people of such high caliber caring for us. Please treat them as the precious jewels they are.”  Sincerely, Phillys Rubin