Ronald Cota

“My name is Ronald Cota and in November of 2009 I had a full right knee replacement done at the Hospital for Special Surgery by Doctor Thomas Sculco. Believe it or not he is one of the best, so I did my homework again to try and find the best physical therapy I could receive. I was recommended to Orange Regional Medical Center. At this point I was very disappointed that I had the surgery because now the original pain was gone and a new one surfaced. When I met Mary Lubniewski at your facility my whole outlook changed. She convinced me that if I followed her instructions and came to my physical therapy appointments she would make me a success story and that within a year I wouldn’t know which knee I had the operation done on. Well she was wrong – it only took 10 months. I also received physical therapy for my arthritic shoulders and I feel much better now. Mary really cares about her patients and if you ask her why, she puts 100 percent into it and she will tell you she likes helping people. So give her a raise or extra vacation days this year. As far as the way your facility is operated I applaud Diane Strysko and her team. Why? Because like the sign says, if you are not called in ten minutes see the front desk. I never had to see the front desk.” Thank you, Ronald Cota, Goshen