Stephanie G. Phillips

“To the nursing staff in the Orthopedics and Acute Rehab Departments:
I would like to thank the nursing staff at ORMC for the excellent care I received for my broken hip during the 3 weeks I was in the hospital. I was especially impressed with the attention to detail and the consideration that the nurses and nursing assistants displayed. They responded quickly when I buzzed for help and apologized if they were called away to handle a more urgent request.
Little things matter. For example, after a transfer they were careful to place the call button where I could reach it, and when they moved my tray table they made sure that my laptop cord did not pull my laptop to the floor and was plugged in to a convenient socket. They remembered how much I could do by myself and which things I couldn’t manage. They were pleasant and conversational regardless of how busy they were—and the floor was 100% occupied while I was there.I especially want to acknowledge the following members of the nursing staff:  Shana—the float who brought me up to Orthopedics after admission, Kereen, Tiffany, Anna, Stephanie, 
Czena (beam me up, Scotty!), Jacqueline, Barbara, Kris.
I have been recovering well at home and 5 weeks after my release can limp along without a cane. Thank you all!”Stephanie G. Phillips, PhD, Mountaindale, NY