Tiffany D. Garcia-Correa

“My name is Tiffany Garcia-Correa, I am 27 years old and was rushed to Arden Hill’s Campus on Wednesday the 23rd of September. I was in severe pain from a fall and on top of the pain, dreaded going to the Emergency Room because I never liked the care I had received in the past. That is why I am writing this message.
I had not been to Arden Hill in years, since before Arden and Horton merged. I must say, this experience was wonderful, well as wonderful as an ER visit can be. Not only were the nurses friendly, helpful, and timely, they were amazing.
I arrived at 3:15pm and by 5pm I was on my way home. Triage was quick and more importantly ACCURATE! They went through all my information, personal, medical, etc. Most times this experience is awful because the patient tends to receive an attitude and things are done so quickly many mistakes are made. I never once had to remind them of my latex allergy!
I was in and out of Xray, received pain meds, etc…in the 1st 45 mins I was there. When the nurse realized I had not eaten all day, she brought me a sandwich and a drink. When giving me medication she explained exactly what it was, how it would feel and how it would affect me.
To top off this experience, the next morning I received a phone call to check up on me. I was shocked!!! I have NEVER had a hospital, let alone a PCP do that in my life…and I am an accident prone and unhealthy person who frequents DR’s and ER’s!!  I hope that everyone knows what wonderful care your staff provides!!  Thank you for your time.”
Tiffany D. Garcia-Correa