William J. Schimpf

“Dear Ladies & Gentlemen:
This letter is in recognition of Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine Student Doctor Brian Kwong.
Far too often a person’s good deeds, seemingly are recognized after he/she passes on from life.  In this case, I would like to see him recognized now.  I apologize for the delay in getting this out to you.  I was a patient in your facility from September 2-24, due to a total knee replacement, performed by Dr. Kevin Trapp.  Almost from the beginning, a group of student doctors, were seemingly assigned to my primary care physician, Dr. John Dermigny, and to my case.  One such doctor was Brian Kwong, an absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable, caring and dedicated individual, with a great sense of humor, and bedside manners.  We kind of hit it off immediately.  During that time, I also dealt with a sudden severe attack of cellulitis in the operated leg, and gout in the so-called good leg.  Because of his concern, he made sure that he followed up with my treatment on a daily basis, insuring that the staff was appraised of my situation, and providing the best possible care available, which for the most part they did.
I cannot begin to tell you just how much I appreciated his visits, and his concern about my progress; all of which, I believe, led to my therapeutic development and release from the hospital.  Many times, in their haste, doctors do not exactly demonstrate this type of concern for their patients, which may leave patients disillusioned, or somewhat confused, as to their treatment, and progress.  I thank God for wonderful Student Doctors such as Dr. Brian Kwong.  I am quite certain that, as he goes forward with his chosen career, he will continue to provide these same qualities, to every patient in his care.  I have been privileged to have known him.  I ask that a copy of this letter be placed into his permanent record.” Sincerely, William J. Schimpf, Maybrook, NY