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Success Stories from Spagnoli Family Cancer Center Patients

August 1, 2016

“I recently was inpatient from 12/11-12/20/13. I was transported from CRMC. I was diagnosed with Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma. The diagnosis was such a shock to me. I spent 5 days on the 5th floor. I wanted to compliment the nurses and the aids who took care of me. I was transferred to Oncology on 12/16. By then I had had biopsies and CT scans to get my final diagnosis. All the techs and doctors did a great job trying to keep any pain at bay.

My biggest compliment is to your Oncology Unit. The nurses, the aids, my whole experience was so positive I wanted to write and tell you. The nurses that stand out the most are Irene M and Emily. Please give them the credit they deserve.

Of course my oncologist Dr. Perry is the best and the attending physician Dr. Siddiqui who admitted me was also a gem. I missed him when it was time to be discharged.

Please know I had a positive stay in your beautiful new facility.”

Donna J. Bradbury

“One night in my sleep, my two daughters saw me having a seizure. They called 911 and the next thing I knew, I woke up in the ER being told I had a brain tumor,” she recalls.

Tara underwent brain surgery two weeks later and immediately began radiation and chemotherapy treatments for the next two months.

“I went to Orange Regional every day during that time. Throughout my treatments, I was welcomed with warm smiles and was provided with coffee or tea while I waited. The wait was never long and everything was explained to me thoroughly, including information about my treatments and what to expect. When I had lost most of my hair, I decided to shave the rest off. When the Orange Regional staff saw me, they told me how beautiful I (still) was and that made me feel more empowered to push forward.”


Surprisingly, the treatments for Tara were quick and before long, it was the holiday season. “One day after my treatment, I was brought into one of the rooms where the staff had presented me with gift cards of more than $500. I was so beside myself I couldn’t stop shaking. It was such a humbling and overwhelming feeling of appreciation since I had no income and two girls that I had no clue how I would get a Christmas gift for.”



During her last week of treatment, Tara showed her gratitude to the Orange Regional staff by cooking Spanish rice. “It was my way of showing my appreciation for all their warmth and support,” she said. “Today I live in Florida, still struggling financially but feeling stronger everyday and hopeful that one day my MRI will come back with no sign of a tumor. Thanks to all the doctors & staff at Orange Regional Radiology & Hospital. I wish I had taken a picture with them.”

Tara Quinones

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