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Below are a few notable testimonials that we would like to share with you.

Daisy Award

Did one of our nurses provide you with extrordinary compassionate care? Nominate a nurse for a DAISY Award by sharing your story!



Bariatric Surgery

"On February 23rd of this year I had gastric-bypass surgery at the hospital. I just want to say what a wonderful team you have. They managed to not only successfully prepare me and complete the surgery but also ensured that I receive excellent care and follow up information. They treated me on an individual basis to the point of answering email questions I had after the surgery. I am forever grateful to the hospital for providing such excellent care." Olivia Pei, Tobyhanna


Breast Center

"I recently had the occasion to contact Michele Worden. As the friend of a patient treated by your facility I was searching for some resources and coming up short. Ms. Worden responded to my note in a very timely manner with a lovely reply and several options for me to pass along. Finding her on your website was great but having her be so helpful was even more spectacular. Thank for for making such a kind, valuable person available and thank you to Ms. Worden for her assistance. I wish you the best for your day and your continued difficult work." Sincerely, Lisa Curtis ,

"Just a note of appreciation and thanks for the wonderful experience on our visit of Wednesday, December 8. Marina, my wife is consumed with Multiple Sclerosis. She is completely dependent and wheelchair bound. We had a full day at your facility with a number of scheduled tests. Every person from the front door and on throughout the entire day was most positive, thorough and professional. Marina and I still comment on how warm and accommodating our entire experience was. Please share this note with Debbie "Z" and the entire team. Thank you all for being so very helpful and have a Healthy and Merry Christmas!"  With Our Best Regards, Marina and Bob Bloom, Monroe, NY 

"I am so appreciative of the care and concern I received during my recent visit to the Ray W. Moody, M.D. Breast Center. A busy staff took the time to listen to me and contacted my physician to request a diagnostic mammogram. This is what patient care is all about and why I have not switched mammogram providers to Crystal Run Healthcare! ORMC clearly understands this.  I wish to especially thank and recognize the following employees: Elizabeth Thorpe, Front Desk Assistant, who listened to my distressed complaints about pain and summoned other staff members to help me. She made eye contact with me and took the time to be communicative and caring. Michelle Worden, R.N. and Patient Navigator. She explained the medical terms to me clearly and stayed with me during the entire appointment from start-to-finish. She is a fountain of knowledge and still is very much in touch with the human element. She is an asset to your practice and I will keep coming back because of her and her colleagues. Sadly, so many members of the medical establishment do not have both of these necessary qualities. Gerry Sylvester, Mammogram Tech, was caring and thorough. I was experiencing terrible pain which made the procedure difficult. She remained patient and did her best to make me as comfortable as possible and to reassure me. This was the first time I was ever offered a padding for the machine; previously, I never knew this existed. And, I wasn’t charged for this. If it weren’t for these caring, professional people, I probably would not have had my mammogram and breast ultrasound done because of the severe pain I was in. I lost confidence in some of my doctors and my tolerance was in negative numbers for what the insurance companies have done to our healthcare system. I also had an excellent team two years ago in March 2010 when I had a biopsy done at your facility. I am very gratfeful to them, as well."  Sincerely, Edwina A. Balentine, Harriman, NY



"I am writing to say how much I and my loved ones appreciate the skill, the professionalism, and the caring way we were treated both as the patient, and those who came because they cared. The Emergency Room doctor and the very skilled caring nurses took me to the point of the needed "icy" procedure. The relay of life is working!! ICU was next to take the hand off and the exceptional staff of doctors (Dr. Seecharran, Dr. Shapira) and nurses took me to the point that lets me write you, and see my one day old granddaughter. Thank you all for bringing me back from cardiac death 3 times 6/10/10.  Yours in Life, Dean H. Ouderkirk, New Hampton

"I was a patient on the Cardiac Catheterization unit on Friday, September 3, 2010. The care I received was so outstanding that I feel compelled to write. The staff was incredibly skilled and efficient. In particular, the nurses were compassionate, caring, kind and humorous, especially Lisa, Christine, Sonia, as well as Suthida and Dawn. Mike the PA and Steve the Tech were most competent. Of course, Dr. Gotsis was wonderful. The receptionist Maria was efficient, kind and most helpful. Moreover, the facility and unit were immaculate and well maintained - a very pleasant surprise. I could not have been better care for or more pleased. The Cardiac Catheterization nursing team, ably led by charge-nurse-of-the-day, Christine, was the finest I have ever encountered. You are to be commended." Sincerely, Veronica A. Uss

"This is a follow-up on a Health Fair I attended at Grace Community Church in Blooming Grove, NY in the Spring of 2008. I visited your ORMC hypertension and cholesterol health tables and had my blood pressure, BMI and lipids tested that morning. There we discovered my BP was slightly elevated as were my LDL and Triglycerides. As you are aware these numbers were far from where they should be. With your organizations persistent follow-up with phone calls, I finally broke down, visited my family doctor and he recommended a statin and uptitrated my blood pressure medicine. Two years later all my lipids are in check thanks to that screening! Clearly all those cardiovascular risk factor numbers are at goal! In fact, I recently decided it was long "over due" to get that my feared colonoscopy procedure. Now in early 2010, I feel great knowing my lipids and life savings screenings are performed. Thanks again for all your "heart healthy attention"". Sincerely, "John O"/Joe Orlando


Diagnostic Imaging

"My letter is a letter of thanks to the wonderful nurse (Kelly Paterno) that helped me yesterday during a painful and unpleasant HSG test at the Horton Campus Hospital. I am completely grateful for her compassion and understanding, as well as her straight forward approach of what was going to be done. I don't know if this email will ever find her, but I wanted to tell you all how important that was to me, and will continue to use Horton Hospital for any of my medical needs."   Thank You, Nicole Grassi


Emergency Medicine

"Dear Mr. Scott Batulis, I would like to extend my thanks for the very professional and caring team you have at ORMC. I brought my mother, Sheila F. Healy, into the ER on Sunday 3/8/2014 and was quickly greeted by the receptionist. We explained that my mother was having a severe anxiety attack and was seeking treatment. She was called right away into the Main Nurse who was sooooo lovely and understanding to my mother's condition. She treated my mother with compassion and calmness to help ease her anxieties. She then explained the process, in a very professional manner, of entering the mental health unit. The security guard was kind and gentle as he led us into the changing area. I did not feel like anyone was judging my mother which happens in our society in matters concerning mental health. We were taken care of by the kindest nurse, Mrs. Pat Moran. She was so comforting, taking the time to talk to my mother and reassure her. She took her blood pressure many times to relieve my mother of the thought that something terrible was going to happen. She even held my mothers hands while she was talking to her. She brought us dinner and it felt as if she knew us for years. I must say that she made being at the hospital an enjoyable experience. Please pass on my compliments, so that these fine individuals know that they are appreciated. I would like to suggest that you have a comment page on your website so that people can see what a great hospital we have in our community. Thank you and may God bless ORMC".  With gratitude,  Erin Storch, Pine Bush

"I had an opportunity to visit the Emergency Department Saturday evening as a result of a rear end collision. I was prepared for a long visit. I barely sat down and the triage nurse called me in. From there I went directly to the ER room. Within minutes Jennifer Thornell, PA examined me thoroughly and I was discharged and on my way home again in minutes. I think the total time from home and back was an hour. AMAZING! You are to be congratulated! Thank you!"  Sincerely,  Erika Scheuermann, Pine Bush, NY

"On 1/30 I found need to visit your facility. I generally do not like hospitals, nor doctors. I had some jaw pain and serious swelling. I was through triage and being seen in the ER within 1/2 hour. My condition, and vitals seemed to heighten the PAs concern, and before I knew it, had a Dr. and 2 PAs looking at me. I was moved from ambulatory ER to another section to closer monitor what I overheard referred to as "angina". I think I was seen by no fewer than 3 Drs in ER before being admitted for observation. The dedication of your staff found a problem I was not aware existed, and is totally unrelated to initial reason for my visit. Was sent upstairs to 5 North. I can not praise enough, your entire staff that I had contact with. From escort (transport, not sure what you refer to it as), house keeping, "room service", to nursing...all were pleasant and professional. I am generally a jovial person, and had such fun, while feeling like crap, with people I had never met. If ever I have need to visit again, I hope all your staff is as great as those from 5 North. I understand there is a staffing shortage, yet these over worked individuals could not have been nicer. The dedication to the needs of those in their care is beyond reproach. If I ever have need to be admitted again, I hope I can "request" a unit. Again, thank you, and please extend this note of gratitude to all the staff of 5 North. 5 NORTH STAFF ROCKS!!!!"  Joel A. Phillips

"I am writing to thank you for the superior assistance my father Michael Ferro received in your Emergency Room on October 30, 2012. In the midst of Hurricane Sandy my family found ourselves in a dire situation. My father Michael Ferro is suffering from end stage Alzheimer’s disease. My family cares for him at home in Monroe, New York, with necessary medical equipment, including life support oxygen equipment. During the storm my parents experienced hardship including a home surrounded by multiple downed trees. With two trees falling onto the roof of their home, downed electric wires and complete loss of power. Given my fathers condition of COPD, chronic pneumonia and limited oxygen, we had to send him to Orange Regional Medical Center. In the Emergency Room, he was checked to ensure his health was stable, in addition to ensuring he was not transported back to an unsafe environment. In your ER, I had the privilege of meeting a person whom I call “my angel”. I happened to be in my fathers room there having “an emotional break down”, feeling extreme anxiety and concern on how we would handle ensuring my father had a safe environment to be cared for in, since his home environment was no longer a safe place for him to be. As I looked up from my uncontrollable sobbing there stood Debbie Hewitt, there to ask me if there was something she could do to help. A kind, compassionate face, at a time when I was hearing a lot of “sorry we know you’re in a difficult situation but there is nothing we can do”. Debbie listened, followed-up and helped me to find the right people there to assist me in my emergency situation. With the assistance of Robin Brennan-Seibel and Susan Kalin my fathers health and well-being were made a priority. Given the late hour in the day, Robin ensured he was not transported back to a home with multiple hazards including downed electric lines and trees. She made sure he was not transported back to an unsafe environment at night by ambulance on roads that were difficult to travel given the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. She cared enough to put my fathers safety first, above all else. The following day I was contacted by his case worker Susan Kalin who worked with me and had the necessary medical equipment sent to an alternative safe location with power and heat where we could care for my father while we waited for the power to be turned back on at his home. She had him transported safely after there was a reliable safe place set up to care for him in. Debbie, Robin and Susan are three amazing women. I can say this as in my time of need I received a lot of “there’s nothing we can do”, “sorry everyone is in a bad situation”, “call someone else for help”. Not at your hospital, they listened, they cared, and they put a human being first. No “canned answers”, no “sorry we can’t help you” from three compassionate, caring and kind women. They comforted me, helped me, and assured me they would put the patient first! and that’s just what they did. I commend you for hiring women like these to care for your patients, they are truly committed professionals dedicated to making Orange Regional a superior medical provider. I cannot thank them enough for their unwavering support and un-paralled assistance. Please thank them for me and my family we are eternally grateful to them and to Orange Regional Medical Center for a job beyond well done! Thank you and god bless my angels for without them my story would not have had a happy ending."  With Sincerest Thanks and Gratitude,  Carol LoGrasso Ridgewood, NJ

"I would like to send along a note of appreciation of wonderful service today in your emergency department. I was in pain when I came in and everyone was completely efficient and NICE. There was hardly any waiting, all while informative and friendly. I know that people are quick to criticize, but, I'd like to be quick to compliment you guys."  Thank you,  Cheryl Doheny

"On Friday, February 23, 2012 I was rushed to your hospital and spent four days being tested and observed. I feel the need to tell you how impressed I was with everyone I came in contact with. Beginning with the Emergency Room doctor, the nurses and the people who treated me in the Emergency Room. I was treated promptly and explained everything which helped to ease my fears and anxiety. I was taken to a room where the nursing staff was attentive, professional and caring. They spoke to me and explained what was happening and kept me informed of how I was progressing. I would like to mention a few in particular. Pat Donvovan, Toni Sardello, Stacy Binns and Mary Ann Lyons. I have been a manager in a large company for 27 years and I consider myself a good judge of character. The people you have hired for your new hospital are of the highest quality."  Continued success, sincerely, Marybeth A. Tyrrell, Campbell Hall, NY

"I broke my ankle this week.  It's another of those events that makes you so grateful for those times when you feel well and everything on your body works properly. It's also a time that makes you realize how quickly your life can change! One minute, your bones are fine, and the next,snap! I took our Siberian Husky out in the woods behind our home this past Thursday evening so she could do her duty. When she was done and we were turning around to go back into the home, she pulled me in a direction I wasn1t prepared for. rm not sure exactly what happened, but somehow my body went one way and my foot another. I lost my balance, and as I was falling, I heard a SNAP. I landed on the ground, in the dark, in a bit of pain, with a 50 pound dog still attached to the leash on my arm. I rolled over, and assessed howI felt. I knew I seriously hurt myself, especially when I attempted to gingerly stand. Stupid. Anyway, I managed to get both myself and the dog into the house without any further catastrophe. A short while later, I was in the new Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, NY. I hadn't ever been there before and wasn't sure what to expect. Arrived at 8pm and was out of there by 9:30pm. I think that's an impressive processing time, especially since there were quite a few people in the emergency room when I arrived. The people at the admitting desk were extremely helpful, as were all the nurses and doctors. While the x-ray process was a bit painful, everything else was done quite gingerly. I was given a temporaty splint and crutches, and a referral to an orthopedic doctor. The entire process was really quite painless and efficient. Bottom line, if you have a choice of hospitals to visit when you have an emergency, I would choose the Middletown facility. They are located at 707 East Main Street in Middletown which is off Exit 122 of NY-17."  Kathleen Palmiotti

"I am writing to let you know about a recent visit to Orange Regional Medical Center ER. On February 13th we brought our 4 year old son, Joseph, to the ER for a head laceration. I am so impressed at the level of care he received during his treatment. Your ER staff was extremely timely professional and genuinely attentive to our son’s needs. In addition, they were attentive to our needs as well. They treated our son as if he was their own!!!! I would like to thank you very much for making such a scary incident for us as easy to get through as possible." Sincerely, Gina Matise, Chester

"Unfortunately I had the chance to experience your new ER last Friday evening for my 17yr old daughter Bridget. (I much prefer visiting for hard hat tours or luncheons) I only say unfortunately since no parent ever wants to visit ER for their child. Your staff we met were incredibly nice. I apologize for not getting his name, but she had a male nurse were just wonderful and understanding to her - she had a meltdown regarding blood being drawn and he couldn't have been nicer. Eventually diagnosed with gallstones which is frightening for a young girl. Too many times we take the time for the complaint letter and not the compliment. Just thought you would like to know."  Linda LeMond, Monroe, NY

"I have just returned from the Arden Hill Campus of the Orange Regional Medical Center (5:30 p.m.) where I spent six hours in the emergency room with my 86-year old client who lives at Glen Arden. I was concerned for her because she had had a double by-pass nine years ago. I called the ambulance when she confided that she felt listless and became breathless after taking only a few steps. I finally had to leave the emergency room at 5:00 p.m. without knowing if she was going to be admitted although I requested it since I wasn't sure she would be safe in her apartment with no one to observe whether she was breathing easier. Dr. Piriano was waiting for the Hospitalist to give him the orders for admission. I was very pleased with Dr. Piriano's "bedside manner." I am writing to say some favorable things about my client's care. What a change from several years ago when I had to write a letter of complaint to Dr. Tuckfelt about my husband's care. My client was seen quickly by the very professional and caring nurse (Adrienne) and aide (Kelly). The various technicians who did the tests were also professional, respectful and friendly. As the hours went by, any time my client needed help she received it very quickly. This was accomplished in spite of the extremely busy emergency room where ambulances seemed to be bringing in patients constantly. And then there were the surprising little "niceties"---offerings of water or cold drink, coffee, sandwich and cookies by a volunteer or the aide. It brought me back to the early days of Arden Hill Hospital when it was known for its warm, personal care. This is what the community remembers when coming to the hospital, and I am sure this kind of atmosphere will be carried forward in the new ORMC hospital. I will be sure to inform my friends and colleagues of this experience as will my client." Sincerely, Marjorie Latzko


General Compliments

"I had a colonoscopy at Orange Regional Medical Center. From the moment I entered the hospital I was greeted and treated warmly and respectfully. I entered at the Out Patient Wing and asked for directions. A most pleasant young woman escorted me to the proper area. The woman at the Lobby Desk was also most genial as was the woman I registered with. Then the woman at the waiting room desk continued the cordiality. Each of these people smiled, were pleasant and had a sense of humor.  I did not even have time to read my book as I was promptly taken into the suite. That was where I met the nurse advocate Maureen Rose. My praise, my words cannot express my gratitude for having such a fine, professional, knowledgeable, caring nurse attend to me. By the time I was wheeled in for the procedure, I was so relaxed as Mrs. Rose had made me feel that I had been at a tea party with a gracious and caring friend.  Anesthesiologist Dr. Yang also greeted me with a wonderful smile. I immediately knew that she was very capable and professional, yet she did not act superior. I knew I was safe with her. We are all blessed to have people of such high caliber caring for us. Please treat them as the precious jewels they are."  Sincerely, Phillys Rubin

"Today is my last day of infusion.  But I know I will be back …not as a patient but a visitor.  I have only positive things to say about the nurses at Orange Regional here in infusion and also on the 4th Floor. They all called me by my name when I walked in the door.  That impressed both my wife and I.  Staff talked about my Yankees and Nicks and they made my time spent here enjoyable.  I believe that to get through this you have to have a positive attitude.  The nurses and all of the staff add to the experience.  I have never seen a nurse here having a bad day.  12 treatments later the time went quick." Sincerely, Gerald Jeffrey, Middletown, NY

"I would like to thank and compliment the staff at ORMC, including the outpatient, laboratory staff and cardiac division during my stay at your facility on July 9th and 10th.  Their professional, caring and helpful attitude, and pleasant demeanor on the part of everyone, was appreciated by me as a patient, and my family, who were there to support me.It became a long day due to unexpected circumstances that developed.  I would highly recommend ORMC to anyone I have talked to who may need medical assistance.  Thanks again to everyone for their helpfulness."  Paul Hubert, Youngsville, NY

"I have very little education but I do know the difference between good and bad. I would like to compliment the people who run this hospital especially those who attended my wife Emma Puglisi, who was in room 4417. The staff was very professional, polite and considerate. They checked on my wife frequently to make sure she was comfortable. All of the staff on the fourth floor was polite and respectable, and I am sure the other floors are the same. I, myself have had to stay in a hospital more than seven times, and my wife has had six children in a hospital three other times. I have a very large family so I have made many visits to hospitals and I have never seen one like this before. Please do not take these people for granted. It is the doctors and these people that give the hospital the reputation it has. I wish all hospitals had the staff that you have here. When people are sick and in pain, they need the kindness of the staff you have here to comfort them. I thank the staff for comforting my wife while she was in pain. She is precious to me and I do not want to see her suffer. I hope this hospital always stays the same. Sunday after mass, people asked me where my wife was. I told them she was at the Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown. I told them, if they have to go to a hospital, this is the one to go to." Respectfully Yours,  Fred Puglisi

"I am writing to share with you some thoughts about ORMC from my own personal experience. No I was not a patient, but instead my Mother-in-Law is a current patient (Louise Bolte #2210). She lives with us and while we were away on vacation she needed care and I believe she was admitted on May 2nd. Being 80+ she went from one medical need to another ranging from an infected elbow which required a surgical drain to pneumonia. Due to her ever changing condition she was moved from the 4th floor to the 3rd and now for the past 6 days has been in the North wing of the 2nd floor and as of last night really seems to be headed towards discharge. We arrived back in town on May 5th and I can tell you that based on our family’s account prior to our arrival and our experience since we got back that not only is ORMC a state of the art facility designed to make a patient’s stay successful, but the staff is extraordinary in their expertise, professionalism, compassion, human interest, attention to detail ………………..and the list goes on. We as a family cannot say enough good about the care she has been given Mom and are extremely grateful for “our new hospital”! I am sure that folks are quick to tell you when they are not happy, but not so when they are satisfied, so I wanted you to be aware that from our family’s standpoint there is no question where we will go from now on for any hospital care we need. Add to all the things I have already said, the fact that we can be in the door of this excellent facility in just over 20 minutes and that makes it convenient too."  Sincerely,  Peter D. Markwalter Sr.

"My name is Jeanne Kassis and my mother, Catherine Patterson, was admitted to Orange Regional Hospital, Room 103, Goshen, on December 8 and passed away on December 14, 2010. Words can not express how much my family and I appreciate the care that the staff on 1 North provided not only to our mother, but to us as well. My mother was a kind, smart, beautiful, loving woman who had battled Alzheimer's Disease for more then 10 years. The care, respect and compassion that she was treated with at OCRC enabled her to pass with dignity and for that we are eternally grateful. During my mother's 6 day stay, the staff on 1 North made sure that my family and I were comfortable and that we had everything we needed during the long days and nights that we spent at her bed side. Although it was very difficult to watch my mother's demise, there is no place that my family and I would rather have been during that time, and the time that the nurses, aides and doctors spent with us truly made an unbelievably sad, emotional time bearable. Even after my mother's passing, the empathy that was shown to us was heartfelt and will never be forgotten. The staff on 1 North were truly amazing and I am so grateful that they were all a part of my mother's care. I apologize for not specifically naming individual people, but I am so afraid I will leave someone out. If there is anyway possible for you to accommodate me, I would love for this email to be placed in each of their files. Your Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, it's members and the rest of the staff at ORMC should all be proud of the care that your staff on 1North is providing and I can only hope that all of the patients that come through your doors experience what my family and I have. Thank you for the time you put into training your staff and I thank your staff for the compassion and time they took in caring for my mother."  Sincerely, Jeanne Kassis

"I wanted to thank everyone at this facility for the quality of care and compassion they showed during my stay. I went into the emergency room at about 1am February 4th, and left on Feb 7th. The staff in every part of the hospital was compassionate, friendly, they made me laugh which kept my spirits up, they were attentive, everyone from the nurses in 5 South to "Mike" who came to clean the room, everyone was really great. The doctors explained everything to me and took time to answer all my questions. I wasn't expecting a private room but it made being there so much easier, and the food (once I got to actually try it) was not what I expected from a hospital. There were 2 things that came up that I think you could improve on, better pillows for one. The other is to have more comfortable chairs in the rooms for visitors. For someone like my husband with a bad back the chairs were not something he could sit in for any length of time, it was almost like they were too straight and didn't recline enough to make him comfortable. If those are the only 2 things I can point out to improve on I'd say you're in pretty good shape. Its a great facility, I will recommend it to anyone that has a choice of what hospital to go to in this area."  Thanks again for all you do, Carol Egan

"On behalf of the Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottines), in Monroe, New York, I’d like to thank your staff on the 5th floor for the care given to our Sister Ermelinda D’Agostini, who passed on November 2, 2011. For the time she was a patient there, she received excellent proficient, compassionate care by everyone who cared for her. I am extremely grateful to Ms. Yolani Baker who showed extreme comfort, compassion and loving to Sr. Ermelinda. We are grateful that she met Got at your facility.  May God bless you and bestow His strength and peace on you and your families. You will be in our hearts and prayers, as it is our hope that we too will remain in yours."  Sincerely, Sister Olivia Reginella, Provincial Moderator

I am writing this letter as I am still currently a patient but being discharged tomorrow after being here for about 2 1/2 weeks due to several problems and being involved with surgical, diagnostic imaging, and being on 4 South in room 4419. I really just had to say that since I am unfortunately a 30 year old who suffers from Type 2 Diabetes, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, Degenerative Disc Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Migraines, I am a frequent inpatient to the hospitals, including the former Horton location. My purpose for writing this e-mail to you folks was the absolutely exceptional care I have received during this stay. Although I have told the nurse director to this floor, I wanted to make sure I went as high as possible and passed it along to you folks as well. I have specifically gotten the following people's names, although all of the 4 South team has been amazing and made it so that although St Luke’s hospital is closer to my house in Walden, ORMC is where I will be coming unless absolutely medically required. All of the following, starting with the Nurse Director, Robin Sells on 4 South who, starting with the first full day I was on the floor, came in and checked on me and was a frequent visitor to see how I was doing and managed to find a fan to make sure I was comfortable immediately after I asked her, as well as all of her nursing staff including but not limited to Jen Degraw, Cara Fuller, Julie Caskey, Eileen Monteith, Sonia Allison-Conely, Theresa Eckert, Charlotte Clarke, Tracey Jin, Renee Rizzo, and Kim Budich. Also all of the nurse’s aides whom many of which I didn't catch the names of but the two who I dealt with the most were Sabina Finnegan and Jasmine Hogan who were always in a very pleasant and cheerful mood and really helpful even on days when I was in pain and not very happy. One person I really also want to make sure gets special recognition because I know many people wouldn't recognize them as a portion of the care team, but even on days when I was tired and a little groggy, she always came in smiling with a "Good Morning Sunshine! How are you today?" Which I couldn't help to smile at was the housekeeper Patricia Jerido, her coming in every morning was a major help to keeping me happy along with the nursing staff and I just want to thank you for having such an amazing staff here at the new facility. In closing, thank you all for building such a beautiful and functional hospital and even more importantly, thank you for having such amazing people filling this building and caring for us, the patients. It really means a lot.” Thank You, James R. Renner

"I wanted to express my gratitude and let you know of the wonderful nurses, NAs, doctors and staff we have here at Orange Regional. On Monday night, January 17 while I was an inpatient on Tower 4 East (442), I was awoken by an extremely sharp pain in my chest. It was nothing I had ever experienced and I was scared. I rang for the nurse and within seconds my nurse Jen and nursing assistant Alyssa were in my room starting to evaluate me. As the pain continued, everyone sprang into action…a doctor was called, vitals were taken, meds were given…labs were being drawn, then two more nurses (Kerin and Monica) came in to help and then Winnie another nursing assistant, Dr. Chembtob, along with the Nursing Supervisor Shirley Roberts. It was unbelievable how they calmly went through all the protocol to figure out what was going on. As they ruled out possibilities they moved on to the next med to cover me. The pain was not subsiding and I was getting nervous so I asked them to call my husband which they did very calmly. The nurses stayed with me...taking turns holding my hand, rubbing my back and trying to keep my calm. Finally after about an hour the pain finally started to subside and I was able to calm down with my husband by my side. Originally they thought a heart attack, but that was ruled out that night, then they thought I had thrown a clot to my lung...luckily after the test in the morning, it was determined that was not the case. After an EGD, the conclusion was I was having esophageal spasms in my chest. It was the most pain I had ever experienced, but with the help of the nursing and medical staff, I got through it. I am home now and doing much better. I can not express enough how grateful and impressed I am by all. They were just incredible and sprang right into action. When you have been a patient as much as I have and have seen them go into action, you don't really know what happens until it happens to you. You should be proud of all. They deserve high praises. Thank you for having such a wonderful, talented and caring staff.  Please feel free to share this with those you feel appropriate."  Sincerely, Lisa Murray, Marketing and PR Department


Inpatient Rehabilitation

"Dear Mr. Batulis, Just a short note to share with you how very pleased my family is with the care my mother received in your hospital. The nurses in PCU and the Rehab department are outstanding. My mother didn’t make a lot of progress, unfortunately, but that was due to her condition. The nurses, nursing assistants and doctors all went above and beyond to get mom well. She is home with me at this time and doing okay. Thank the nurses, doctor and especially the nursing assistants for all they do each and every day. They all work extremely hard and deserve recognition for that." Sincerely,  Bonnie Gaebel – daughter of Jean Mootz

"Dear Mr. Batulis, My wife, Donna Conklin, was a patient in your hospital’s rehabilitation unit from September 16, 2013 to October 3, 2013. This letter serves to commend your medical center’s rehabilitation staff. At the risk of leaving out so many caring individuals who work in the unit, I will make mention of three very special employees. First and foremost is Carmella Pistone-Halpern. The word I use to describe Carmella is “ubiquitous”. She was simply anywhere and everywhere. No matter where I was in your facility from our arrival in the ER to our transfer to a sub-acute rehabilitation facility, she was there. She was on her game every day and I cannot express enough my gratitude and appreciation for her help and her hands-on management style. The second person is Lucy Ricardo, Doctor of Physical Therapy. Lucy was very thorough and instrumental in often helping Donna even though she wasn’t nece3ssarily assigned to her for care or therapy. She provided insight, education, and website information to us which had since proven invaluable. Lucy is not only a very competent and perceptive doctor, she also went above and beyond. This manifested itself though her sincere level of care, concern and encouragement. The third and final employee is a rehabilitation nurse, June Maniaci. June developed a very special relationship with Donna. When Donna was discouraged or upset June would encourage and comfort her. June also cheered her on when therapy didn’t go well or when Donna was missing her two children at home. One additional item that should be noted was that June called to follow up on how Donna was progressing weeks after she discharged. This reiterates the kind of person she was and it meant an awful lot to Donna. As Chief Operating Officer of a company, I know that only a few people take the time to send a letter expressing their gratitude. When I receive a letter commending my staff it means a lot to me. It is my hope that this letter produces the same for you and your special staff mentioned." Sincerely, Donald E. Conklin, Washingtonville, NY



"I hope this letter finds its way back to the women's birth and delivery staff. I am writing to express to all members of the hospital how AMAZING my stay was while both delivering and recovering from the birth of my child. Every single nurse that I came in contact with was kind and compassionate and I felt as though I was surrounded by family rather than strangers. They were comforting and supportive while I went through the scariest and most amazing moment of my life. Each time I had a question no matter how silly it was, each nurse and doctor took the time to make sure I was well educated on the answer. I hope you all are aware of what an amazing team of dedicated nurses you have on staff. I am highly recommending you to all my friends who are currently pregnant and I do nothing but praise my stay to friends and family. I felt safe and at peace throughout the entire delivery process. Thank you so much for having such an amazing staff. I hope to see you all again with my next child."  Kaitlyn Marsh

"I would just like to take a moment of your time to express my happiness with my experience with your hospital. On December 24, 2010, I delivered my first child at Orange Regional Medical Center. The experience I had there was extraordinary. The staff in both Labor and Delivery as well as Recovery were second to none. Everyone from the registration staff, to the food service staff, to the cleaning staff, to the medical assistants, to the phlebotomists, to the nurses, to the physicians, were nothing but kind, caring, and professional. Dr. Randolph Cohen of Crystal Run HealthCare was my physician for my prenatal care, and also just happened to be on call when I did go into labor, and was the physician who ultimately delivered my child. Dr. Cohen always made the time to make sure every one of my questions and concerns was addressed and answered. Dr. Cohen's approach is one of compassion, comforting, and true caring for the well being of his patients. Dr. Cohen is a true professional and the best physician I have even encountered. He made the experience of the arrival of my first child a phenomenal one. I appreciate your time in taking to read this. Being, as I am, the Director of Rehabilitation for Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County, I will more often receive letters of problems, as people do not often think to write a letter when they are satisfied with their care. But praise should be given where it is due, and in the case of your staff at Orange Regional Medical Center, you have an outstanding team, and I just wanted to bring to your attention my appreciation. Thank you for your time." Sincerely, Heather L. Fassell, MSPT, DPTT, Wurtsboro, NY

"Hello, my name is John Holley, and my wife and I recently delivered a baby at the Horton Campus. We have other children, so we have experienced other hospitals. I have to say that the nurses we dealt with were all fantastic. Unfortunately, as I was in and out, I did not get all of their names. However, one name that I did get, and probably the best nurse I ever met, was Tina Bast. There were some minor complications, and we thought we might need an emergency c-section. My wife was terrified, and I was kind of in shock. Then Tina took over, calmed my wife down, and stayed with her through it all. Tina was both strong and sensitive - giving my wife both the comfort and the push she needed to stay focused. Then, we went to my wife's room, where all of the nurses were friendly, easy to talk to, and easy to find. I know one was named Kathleen Sweeney, and I believe that there was one named Cindy. I hope that the people who run your hospital appreciate what a wonderful staff of nurses they have, I know I do." Sincerely, John Warren Holley, Jr., Wantage, NJ 

"On January 13 at 7:00am I was admitted for a scheduled induction. My labor and delivery nurse Kristal was great. She explained everything that was going to take place and made me feel extremely comfortable during this nerve wracking time. Although this was my second baby I was never induced and didn't' know what to expect. Kristal was there every step of the way even when working closely with everyone else on the floor. After delivering my baby and having me moved to the post partum department she stopped in to check on me and say goodbye. I was really touched by her compassion and dedication. While over the post partum side I had wonderful nurses who made sure I was comfortable and didn't need anything. The two nurses who really went above and beyond were Verna and Alice. Verna was my night nurse both nights. She checked in often and brought the baby to me. She made sure I was ok and didn't need anything. She is truly a one of a kind. She's very thoughtful, dedicated and caring, which shows in her work. She is definitely in the right profession. Alice checked us out on discharge day. She was extremely hands on, organized and made sure everything went smoothly and quickly. She made sure we had no questions and we were able to leave confident enough to take care of our new baby. I felt the need to make you aware that you have a fabulous staff on the maternity floor-both in labor and delivery and also in the postpartum wing. It was a pleasant experience to have my baby with your more than qualified staff. I'm glad I got to meet all the nurses and doctors who made my stay more enjoyable. I thank you again for your time." Sincerely, Kelly A. Malarski, Middletown



"I recently was inpatient from 12/11-12/20. I was transported from CRMC. I was diagnosed with Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma. The diagnosis was such a shock to me. I spent 5 days on the 5th floor. I wanted to compliment the nurses and the aids who took care of me. I was transferred to Oncology on 12/16. By then I had had biopsies and CT scans to get my final diagnosis. All the techs and doctors did a great job trying to keep any pain at bay.   My biggest compliment is to your Oncology Unit. The nurses, the aids, my whole experience was so positive I wanted to write and tell you. The nurses that stand out the most are Irene M and Emily. Please give them the credit they deserve. Of course my oncologist Dr. Perry is the best and the attending physician Dr. Siddiqui who admitted me was also a gem. I missed him when it was time to be discharged.  Please know I had a positive stay in your beautiful new facility."  Sincerely, Donna J. Bradbury



"Dear Ladies & Gentlemen: This letter is in recognition of Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine Student Doctor Brian Kwong. Far too often a person’s good deeds, seemingly are recognized after he/she passes on from life.  In this case, I would like to see him recognized now.  I apologize for the delay in getting this out to you.  I was a patient in your facility from September 2-24, due to a total knee replacement, performed by Dr. Kevin Trapp.  Almost from the beginning, a group of student doctors, were seemingly assigned to my primary care physician, Dr. John Dermigny, and to my case.  One such doctor was Brian Kwong, an absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable, caring and dedicated individual, with a great sense of humor, and bedside manners.  We kind of hit it off immediately.  During that time, I also dealt with a sudden severe attack of cellulitis in the operated leg, and gout in the so-called good leg.  Because of his concern, he made sure that he followed up with my treatment on a daily basis, insuring that the staff was appraised of my situation, and providing the best possible care available, which for the most part they did. I cannot begin to tell you just how much I appreciated his visits, and his concern about my progress; all of which, I believe, led to my therapeutic development and release from the hospital.  Many times, in their haste, doctors do not exactly demonstrate this type of concern for their patients, which may leave patients disillusioned, or somewhat confused, as to their treatment, and progress.  I thank God for wonderful Student Doctors such as Dr. Brian Kwong.  I am quite certain that, as he goes forward with his chosen career, he will continue to provide these same qualities, to every patient in his care.  I have been privileged to have known him.  I ask that a copy of this letter be placed into his permanent record." Sincerely, William J. Schimpf, Maybrook, NY

"To the nursing staff in the Orthopedics and Acute Rehab Departments: I would like to thank the nursing staff at ORMC for the excellent care I received for my broken hip during the 3 weeks I was in the hospital. I was especially impressed with the attention to detail and the consideration that the nurses and nursing assistants displayed. They responded quickly when I buzzed for help and apologized if they were called away to handle a more urgent request. Little things matter. For example, after a transfer they were careful to place the call button where I could reach it, and when they moved my tray table they made sure that my laptop cord did not pull my laptop to the floor and was plugged in to a convenient socket. They remembered how much I could do by myself and which things I couldn’t manage. They were pleasant and conversational regardless of how busy they were—and the floor was 100% occupied while I was there.I especially want to acknowledge the following members of the nursing staff:  Shana—the float who brought me up to Orthopedics after admission, Kereen, Tiffany, Anna, Stephanie,  Czena (beam me up, Scotty!), Jacqueline, Barbara, Kris. I have been recovering well at home and 5 weeks after my release can limp along without a cane. Thank you all!"Stephanie G. Phillips, PhD, Mountaindale, NY

"On June 26th Dr. Kevin Trapp performed my total knee replacement at ORMC. From admission to discharge I could not have been happier with my decision to stay local. The nurses, aids, & case managers made every effort to assure my safety and comfort.  Housekeeping kept my room clean and the “restaurant quality” food choices were always delivered with a smile. Volunteers stopped by daily offering magazines or a newspaper.  Physical Therapists worked with me to build my confidence in my abilities. Overall - a GREAT EXPERIENCE! My sincere thanks to your staff for all the many ways they went above and beyond!"  Sincerely, Ester R. Zaccone, Goshen NY

Carol Abramson Knee replacement, June 2012 “This place is a jewel” She came back… for a second knee replacement! Seven days later she was walking again - without any pain. Four years after her left knee was replaced, Carol, who splits her time between Bethel, NY, and Manhattan, decided to have her right knee replaced. The quality of care and compassionate environment Carol remembered, from the Horton Campus of Orange Regional, was the reason she returned. Having her surgery in the new hospital, Carol and her husband, Dr. Allan Abramson, Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology at Long Island Jewish Medical Center (North Shore-LIJ), in New Hyde Park, NY, praised the connection between the physician and the care team. “They’re [the care team] all on the same page. At Orange Regional we found friendliness, cleanliness and courtesy in addition to superior care,” states Mr. Abramson.

"So often people forget to say thank you. My mom moved here to live with me from California in April of 2009, she is now 73. She has had ongoing issues with arthritis. She has had both hips replaced (in California) and had major problems with her right knee. When I took her to an Orthopedic doctor he said it was inevitable she had to have knee replacement. She did not want to hear that. She had been putting it off for quite some time. She was to the point that I had to go and get a wheelchair, we finally convinced her to get it done. It has been quite a challenge having my mom move in with us, although I would not have it any other way. On November 2nd my mom had knee replacement surgery at the Horton Campus. She was very nervous and scared. The staff in the OR let me stay with her until they came in to take her into surgery. They made her feel very comfortable and at ease. The staff, nurses, doctor and the anesthesiologist were absolutely wonderful. When she was transferred up to the Bone and Joint center, they were all great, she had one bad experience and it was taken care of immediately, everyone there was awesome. I can't say enough about Simone, Jessica and all the staff there. Jessica even called my house last week to see how Mom was doing. My mom was thrilled. She then went down to the Rehab unit. Carmella treated her as if she were her own mother. The physical therapists, the nursing staff, case management, housekeeping staff and the nutrition staff all treated her like gold. Anything she needed they made sure she had it. Everyone at the hospital was wonderful. I am also an employee here, I have always known we have awesome people, but you sometimes forget in the everyday hustle and bustle of life. I can't thank you all enough for the comfort and ease that my family felt during my moms stay here. Her quality of life has been restored, along with her confidence." Thank you from her and I. Kathleen Lanier, Lead Operator, Telecomm Horton Campus

"I am writing to congratulate you and your staff at Orange Regional Medical Center for the excellent patient care I received during a recent stay at the Horton Campus. On November 9, I checked into the hospital for a hip revision under the care of Dr. Kevin Trapp. Having had two total hip replacements fifteen years ago on Long Island, I knew what to expect and was not looking forward to the revision especially in a place I was not familiar with. Deep down, I was hoping the new hospital was open thinking somehow it would be better, but didn't want to wait until next year to have the procedure done. I checked into the hospital at 7:30 a.m. on November 9 and everything went smoothly. The nurse prepped me and inserted an IV then moved me down to meet the anesthesiologist who was great. He put me under then administered the epidural and added another IV and catheter, all while I was under sedation. I can't tell you how important that was, not being awake for those procedures. After the surgery, I recovered in a private room on the fifth floor. The nurses, aides and entire staff were attentive, but not intrusive. They worked around the clock making sure I had everything. Dr. Trapp visited each morning to check up and provide status. Over the course of four days and many shifts, I saw many people who performed their job in a happy, upbeat and friendly manner. The atmosphere was very conducive to healing; even the surroundings were clean and well maintained. If I didn't know better, I could have been in the new hospital. After being discharged on November 12, I received two follow up calls from the hospital to see how I was doing, find out if there was anything I needed and make sure I made an appointment with the doctor to have the staples removed. I couldn't have asked for a better experience during a scary time. It takes a lot of hard work and a dedicated staff to provide the excellent care you have afforded me during my stay at the hospital. Please extend my many thanks and gratitude to your staff and keep doing the great things you do."  Sincerely, Arthur DeSantis, Goshen 

"My name is Ronald Cota and in November of 2009 I had a full right knee replacement done at the Hospital for Special Surgery by Doctor Thomas Sculco. Believe it or not he is one of the best, so I did my homework again to try and find the best physical therapy I could receive. I was recommended to Orange Regional Medical Center. At this point I was very disappointed that I had the surgery because now the original pain was gone and a new one surfaced. When I met Mary Lubniewski at your facility my whole outlook changed. She convinced me that if I followed her instructions and came to my physical therapy appointments she would make me a success story and that within a year I wouldn't know which knee I had the operation done on. Well she was wrong - it only took 10 months. I also received physical therapy for my arthritic shoulders and I feel much better now. Mary really cares about her patients and if you ask her why, she puts 100 percent into it and she will tell you she likes helping people. So give her a raise or extra vacation days this year. As far as the way your facility is operated I applaud Diane Strysko and her team. Why? Because like the sign says, if you are not called in ten minutes see the front desk. I never had to see the front desk." Thank you, Ronald Cota, Goshen

"I would be sorely remiss if I did not take the opportunity to thank you, the Administrative staff, the Board of Directors and employees for providing a wonderful hospital experience. I attended a Joint Replacement Seminar, led by Simone Stein. What a satisfying program for prospective patients to learn, exchange ideas, ask questions and be as well informed as possible about joint replacement surgery. Mrs. Stein was impeccably prepared and conveyed information, sharing her expertise in a caring, professional manner which left no doubt for anyone that ORMC was a premier institution to select for this surgery. On June 8, Dr. Trapp performed a total hip replacement for me at ORMC. From the admission to short stay, the visitation by the operating room nurses who would be working with Dr. Trapp and the excellent care by Dr. Sharma, I was put at ease and knew, without a doubt, that I was in the right place. The recovery room staff was supportive and professional. I went to the Bone and Joint Unit for my initial recovery. Simone Stein, each and every nurse and staff member conveyed a sense of confidence and were supremely encouraging and supportive. The entire experience made me proud that I am a Nurse. I hope that you will convey my deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude for providing superlative care which was positive in every aspect. Thank you.  Sincerely, Cathleen P. Lear, Burlingham 

"Recently my wife, Rae Bair, had a double knee replacement done at your hospital. Her operation, to date, has been a complete success. She is just over a month into the healing process and already is walking unassisted. She still feels some discomfort and her energy levels are still low, but that is to be expected, we were told. Her remarkable recovery from the double knee replacement is in no small way because of the surgeon we had, Dr. Eric Martin. But, once he turned Rae over to your staff for the healing end of the process, everything only went further uphill. Our first contact with your staff was when we met Simone Stein, manager of the Bone and Joint Center. She presented the pre-surgical class we attended. This class was most informative. The information supplied was very helpful in that it got us completely ready for the task ahead. When we got to the hospital the day for surgery, Simone was there, at that very early hour, to greet us and to see that we got through the in-processing activities in good order. She was involved with the after care in the surgical section and she stayed in the process until we left the hospital. Simone is an outstanding professional. Once Rae was released to the Rehab Unit, we had the distinct opportunity to meet Ms. Carmella P. Halpern, Nurse Director-Rehab Unit. She took Rae under her wing. There were a few issues that needed to be handled and Carmella saw them through to our happy and healthy satisfaction. Carmella is another outstanding professional who used her management skills to guide her great staff to make Rae's experience in the unit the best that it could have possibly have been. You are most fortunate to have a person such as Carmella on your staff and so were we! I wish that I knew the names of all the hard working staff members that came in contact with Rae while she was in the hospital. Their attitudes were excellent. They were all, every one of them, focused on the mission to see that Rae was given the best care that they could have provided. This applies to the entire staff, the volunteers at the front door, the folks in charge of sparkle, the food staff, the Aids, and the Nurses each did their jobs efficiently, effectively, and with a smile when needed. Because of the way that they each approached their jobs, we knew that all these busy people were in the game! Thank you for allowing me to share our experiences with you. Thank you for the great work you do at Horton Hospital." Sincerely, James A. Bair, Jr., Montgomery

"Two weeks ago, I was a patient at ORMC. I had total hip replacement surgery, performed flawlessly by Dr. Kevin Trapp. I am writing to you to express my satisfaction and delight with all of the people who worked with me during my stay in Tower Five, Orthopedics. I was greeted by a team of people as I was transferred to my room from recovery. My RN, Debbie, was welcoming and helpful, giving me as much time as I needed to ask questions. She was dedicated and caring, an attitude that was displayed time and again by all the caregivers during my 3-day stay at the hospital. I would like to mention certain people by name. Simone Stein, Director of the Bone and Joint Center, visited me frequently to determine if I had any needs or questions. Eileen Frank and Jessica Casey were there to provide me with verbal and written information about my care after the hospital, and certain medications that I would be taking for a month or so. Each of these women provided me with phone numbers and encouraged me to contact them whenever I had any questions. In addition, I have been contacted at home as well, as a follow-up to my hospital stay. I recognize that the women mentioned in the above paragraph are at the top of their field, but the professional care and interest I received at your hospital did not stop with them. In particular, I would like to thank Dawn, Michelle, Rosa, and Debbie, RNs who had hearts of gold combined with empathy and professional-ism. Marlena, Talisha, and Meagan were CNAs who were attentive, helpful and compassionate at all times. (I'd like to mention another CNA, but I forget her name. She had photos of her children on the reverse side of her ID tag, and she was also wonderful!) Additionally, I'd like to say a quick word about the food service. This was my first hospital stay since 1984, in Westchester, when I had a baby. The food there was not only not good, but it looked and smelled horrible, delivered wordlessly and left by the side of the room. This was definitely not the case at ORMC! The people who delivered the food chatted with me and made sure to tell me that I could call for anything else that I needed; they brought the food to me and waited until I was in a comfortable position to eat before they left my room. There was even an attractive placemat on the food tray with each meal (my 2nd grade daughter was very impressed by this!). And wonder of wonders - the food looked normal and tasted good! Kudos! My physical therapy began the day after my surgery. I was greeted by Melody, a PT, and Marge, an OT, who worked together to get me out of my bed and ambulating around the room. Their care was followed up by Andrew and Bill, two additional PTs. Each person was encouraging and helpful, with tips on how to successfully navigate my way through the room and the hallway. While I recognize that this is their job to do, I need for you to understand how well they do what they do. During their brief time with me, they were totally focused on my recovery and how to make it as successful as possible. Even the workers who came to change the garbage bags, clean the bathroom and floor, etc., took the time to ask if it was OK for them to come in, chatted with me, and asked about my progress. I truly felt as if they were part of the team. Every person who came to my room had a kind word and a gentle attitude. Mr. Batulis, I truly believe that being in a positive environment is an important component of successful recovery; and I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by health care professionals who seemed to enjoy their work and their interactions not only with the patients, but with each other. It's very easy to pick up on discontent within a small unit like the one I was in. These people spoke to each other respectfully, and were united in their commitment to provide quality care to their patients. Their positive attitudes helped to amplify my own, so that I could immediately begin the work of successful recovery. I will recommend this hospital to every person who ever initiates a discussion of hospitals. Dr. Trapp has indicated that somewhere down the road, there might be a surgery necessary for my other hip. I will go into that experience with no qualms, because I know that from my initial consult with Dr. Trapp through my surgery education with Simone Stein, to the actual surgery, hospital stay and recovery itself, I will be surrounded by expert professionals who are at the top of their game. They will set the course for an excellent recovery, and I expect the sailing will be as smooth then, as it is now. Your staff is to be commended for dedication, professionalism, and excellence. I am most grateful for an excellent experience and quality care." Yours truly, Karen Wade



"I am writing about the degree of service I received today at the Horton Campus. I was in for an out-patient procedure and the people that performed the procedure were among the kindest, considerate and professional I have ever dealt with at any hospital. Their concern for me before and after the procedure was magnificent. Special kudos should be addressed to one of your nurses, April Lazier, who did everything but walk me to my car (and my guess is she would have had I asked). I don't know if you grant awards to people who are A +, but if you do Nurse Lazier should be at the top of your list.  My thanks for your wonderful staff." Sincerely, Ronald Mergenthaler, Middletown, NY

"I would just like to take a moment to tell you about the superb way in which I was treated yesterday at ORMC by the staff which took care of my endoscopy and colonoscopy. From the moment I arrived until the time I left,the entire staff was professional, cordial and upbeat. I would especially like to commend three RNs in particular: Sophia Long, Kelly Minnerly and Margie Brown Conklin for going, what I feel, was above and beyond their normal duties. I had no Idea I was so dehydrated from the pre-surgical process (Miralax and Dulcolax) and I was pretty much on the verge of passing out as they started to prep me for my procedures. They instantly noticed something was not right and hovered over and treated me and in short order, I was 'in the pink' again. It was most reassuring that I was being taken care of by a quick-acting and most caring team of professionals. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to them. My colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures were done by Dr. Croen; my anesthesiologist was Dr. Merin and have nothing but good things to say about them, as well." All in all, kudos to your fine staff at ORMC.  Sincerely, Ronald A. Strong, Chester, NY

"I am writing to you regarding my recent December 11, 2009 visit to your facility, Orange Regional Medical Center, for an outpatient procedure. I want to tell you that in all my years and many visits to other hospitals and medical centers that your facility is one of the nicest, cleanest and most efficiently run operations that I can remember. I was delighted to find the atmosphere inviting. Everyone I came in contact with was as nice, courteous and competent as could be. In particular, my special thanks goes out to those who were in attendance for my procedure. Please say thank you to Liz, Lynn, Donna, MaryAnn (nurse anesthetist) and of course, Dr. Patel. Thank you again for providing the community with such a fine facility" Yours Truly, Nicholas C. Grass, Otisville



"I just wanted to get on here and share with everyone my experience with ORMC over the last few days!!! My 3yr old daughter Kyla was admitted from theEmergency Department to 5 West, early Thursday morning with respiratory distress... After having been there over 24 hours she was diagnosed as having type 1 diabetes. The hospital staff was... In one word... A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! They where so awesome to my baby girl!! I will be forever grateful to all the staff from 5 west and from the emergency dept that helped to treat my daughter back to good health... So thank you... From the bottom of my heart! PS. Karen from 5 West is wonderful!!!"  Melissa Loper, Middletown, NY    


STAR/ Program/Cancer Rehabilitation

"I first found out about the STAR program when I was in the hospital for a lung infection. Before that, I was not really moving around all that much. I have a very rare type of lung cancer, only about 2,000 cases per year. It’s treatable but not curable. I went through 60 rounds of radiation and 6 cycles of chemo so it really did wipe me out. But I am determined to fight this, hoping someday to go back to work. While I was in the hospital, Diane came in and told me about the STAR Program. At first I was not interested, then finally agreed and started mid-August. I got stuck with “Mean Mary” as my therapist. The first day was explaining about the program and doing a few exercises. Mary always kept track of my O2 levels and my heart rate. She was actually very nice and never pushed me when I couldn’t go anymore. I didn’t realize how much muscle strength I lost I started using them again. Then Mary decided to take a vacation, which seemed like forever. While she was away, I was introduced to Amy, who was also very kind. She never pushed me over the limit and always made sure I was feeling ok. I wish I could have both of them as therapists. I really enjoy the program, it has motivated me, and given me a positive attitude about dealing with all of this, and I look forward to coming to each session and doing my exercises at home." Thank you. Kenneth Oboyski, Chester, NY



"My name is Danielle Cintron and I recently had a procedure done at the Horton Campus in Middletown on April 9, 2010. My procedure was a Laparoscopy performed by Dr. Kipoliongo. I just wanted to compliment each member of the staff for how friendly and helpful they each were. From the security guard when we first walked in at the front desk to the very last nurse that helped me for my discharge. Everyone was so warm and you could really tell that they loved what they did. The nurses were absolutely incredible. Each nurse treated me with kindness, respect and courtesy. I was a little nervous going into the hospital but after speaking with each one of your nurses my nerves calmed down. They were so comforting and kind that my short stay was a happy and easy one. Everyone at the hospital had a smile on their face and never once seemed to be upset or annoyed with any questions my family or I had. Members of the surgical team must also be complimented on their professionalism and compassion. I just would like to thank everyone at the hospital for their kindness and courtesy towards my family and I. My family felt welcoming and comforted while they were waiting. I would 100 percent recommend your hospital to anyone who is going in for a procedure." Sincerely, Danielle Cintron, Washingtonville

"I have had 4 hernia repairs done in the last 4 yrs. I would like to say thank you for all the great service I received. Everyone was very nice to me. I'm not the easiest patient to have. All the nurses and everybody were so polite. From the nurses, lab personnel, x-ray personnel, and even the workers who brought up the meals. Everybody was very thoughtful. I would tell anyone who has to go to a hospital go to Horton. I have not ever had a bad experience. The nurses I would love to give special thanks cause they have a special place in my heart. Again I want to thank everyone & everybody at Horton Hospital who made my stay there very pleasant." Linda Totaan, Bloomingburg

"I spent 17 days in Horton Hospital on the Surgical floor and could not have had better treatment. During the time I was treated with special attention, respect and amazing care. I am scheduled to return for surgery again in a week and I am hoping to be on the same floor with the same caring nurses. To say a stay in the hospital was a pleasant experience sounds odd, but considering the situation I felt it was the best care I could have asked for. Thank you to all the wonderful staff on Tower 5 Surgical floor." Joanne Hargrove, Otisville

"I've had Multiple Sclerosis for twenty-one years and over that long period of time have been in dozens of hospitals and medical offices.  Never once have I felt compelled to send a letter about my experience, until now.  On January 16th, I was an outpatient for an endoscopy and colonoscopy.  The entire experience was moving along until it was discovered that I needed a pregnancy test prior to the procedures.  This was a huge problem because I have no feeling or movement in my lower body and was already on the bed and ready to go.  Without getting too graphic, needless to say, using a bedpan or commode was not an option.  At that point, the two nurses assigned to me didn’t quite know how to handle the situation as I became upset.  Along  came a nurse who I will forever be grateful to.  Her name was Loretta Grahn and I must tell you what a special employee she is and how well she represented ORMC.  Nurse Grahn came over and saw what the problem was and sprung into action.  At first she suggested one way it could be done, but then the wheels in her mind were turning and she thought of an even better way.  Again, without getting too personal, she took very good care of me and made everything better.  She put me at ease and handled things with empathy, compassion, and professionalism.  This whole time my daughter was with me and observed how kind Nurse Grahn was.  My daughter is a senior at MSMC in the RN nursing program and wants to emulate the way Nurse Grahn cared for me.  It really was exceptional and she should be recognized for going above and beyond to help me, just some patient that she came across on that Friday.  It may have all seemed routine to her, but for me as a patient, it felt like she put herself in my shoes and helped make a stressful moment more bearable. Thank you to Nurse Grahn and to ORMC for having such an exceptional employee.  She truly is an asset to your hospital and should be recognized as such.  As I said, over two decades I've never written to a medical facility to praise an employee, but this care was so extraordinary, that I felt I simply had to recognize Loretta and thank her and ORMC."  Respectfully, Jennifer Brach