Support Groups

Support Groups & Community Classes

Support Groups & Community Classes

At Orange Regional Medical Center, we believe that the support system we provide to our community and patients is just as important as the clinical care that we provide. This is why we offer several support groups and community educational classes to our patients, who may be experiencing a variety of different hardships or currently undergoing surgery or oncology treatment.

We strive to make our support available to you before, during your stay or procedures, and after treatment for various types ailments, including:

Alzheimer’s Support Group

Alzheimer’s disease is life-changing for both those who are diagnosed and those close to them. Lead by Eileen Schmidt, LCSW, ACHP, our support groups provide a place to connect with others who truly understand. The group is open to the caregivers, family and friends of patient’s with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Bariatric Support Groups & Classes

Deciding on bariatric surgery is a life-changing decision. This is not a procedure that begins and ends in the operating room. This is a journey that the patient chose in order to transform their relationship food and health changes including daily activity and exercise. We offer the following educational classes and support groups to help patients understand the pre- and post-operative commitment and care:

Community member learning CPR at Orange Regional Medical Center's Basic Life Support training class.

Basic Life Support Class

This course is designed to teach the skills of Healthcare Provider CPR to victims of all ages, use of an automated external defibrillator and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction. It is intended for participants who provide health care to patients in a wide variety of settings including, but not limited to L.P.N./R.N., E.M.T., Paramedic, Physicians, Resp. Therapists, Firefighters, Police, Security.

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Bereavement Support

We have two support groups meeting every month for those seeking support, to listen, and share experiences after the loss of a loved one. Our general Bereavement Support Group is a non-denominational support group for anyone who has lost a loved one; while our Perinatal Bereavement group meets specifically for couples or parents mourning loss such as: stillborn and newborn death, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy,or loss complicated by infertility. Learn more:

Breast Cancer Support Group at Orange Regional Medical Center.

Cancer Support Groups

As part of our comprehensive cancer center and cancer treatment services, we offer a range of support groups for our cancer patients, cancer survivors. Learn more:

Caregivers Support Group

Our Caregivers Support Group, otherwise known as "PARTNERS IN CARING" - provides peer support and education to caregivers of the chronically ill and disabled.

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Healing Yoga Class

This 10-week healing yoga class for cancer and chronic disease patients and their caregivers utilizes the practices of yoga therapy as a complement to traditional medicine in an effort to improve the patient's quality of life.

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Maternity & New Parents

For parents, new parents, and for those who are expecting, we hope that you find use in the following support groups, classes, and tours. Learn more:

After receiving orthopedic care at Orange Regional Medical Center, four older adults play a game of tennis

Total Joint Replacement Class

Our experience has shown that an informed patient has a better understanding of the pre-procedure process, is more at ease about surgery and is better prepared for recovery and rehabilitation. Understanding what to expect and how to care for yourself after total joint replacement surgery can help assist with achieving successful outcomes.

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Diabetes Support Groups

The mission of the support group is to offer support, encouragement and information for women and children with Diabetes. Learn more:

Images of a brain scan taken in the neurosciences department at ORMC.

Stroke Education & Support

This support group focuses on stroke "recovery", with particular emphasis on promoting continued recovery and quality of life after formal treatment stops. Stroke survivors, caregivers, friends and family are all welcome.

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Multiple Sclerosis Support

This support group offers education and support for those afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis - through support, advocacy, education, and wellness. People attend this support group to lift each other up through personal struggles and encourage each other to try new things and live each day to its full potential.

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Cancer Survivorship program at ORMC

Ostomy Support

This group provides education, support and open discussion regarding ostomy issues. We are dedicated to helping patients with intestinal or urinary diversion and their families and caregivers, return to everyday living.

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Monthly Support Group & Class Calendar

View below for full list of upcoming meeting dates, additional information, and how to register (if necessary).


How to Register

Many of our events and support groups are free to the community and do not require registration. You can check the event description for enrollment instructions and/or call toll-free: 1-888-321-6762 for more information.

Class/Event Refund Policy: Should you need to cancel your class registration, please call us at 888-321-ORMC (888-321-6762) as soon as possible.

Inclement Weather Policy: The hospital reserves the right to waive part or all course fees if inclement weather patterns result in the cancellation of the course. The level of refund given to enrollees, if any, will be determined by the number of class hours attended by each enrollee.

Couples/Family Enrollment Policy: Certain courses are designed for couples or multiple family members to attend. The fee charged for these courses applies to both persons as a unit (unless otherwise expressed in the event description), and both persons are required to attend. Discount and refund policies apply to both persons as a unit.

Should you have any questions about your stay at Orange Regional Medical Center or about planning to visit a family or friend who is a patient, do not hesitate to contact us at 845-333-1000.

Patient Support

In addition to our support groups and classes, we offer many other programs and services that help to heal and support patients and their families. From spiritual and religious support to our specialized staff members available to give special attention to our patients and visitors.