Bariatric Surgery Pre-Op Class

Bariatric Pre-op Surgery Class at Orange Regional Medical Center.

Bariatric Surgery Pre-Op Class

This 2 1/2-hour mandatory class provides an overview of patient care pathway stressing the critical role of the patient for success. Topics include:

  • Definition of clinically severe obesity & medical impact
  • Setting expectations
  • Surgical procedures
  • Complications
  • Post-op signs and symptoms
  • Side effects
  • Expected weight loss
  • Diet
  • Emotional issues

Class must be attended prior to surgery. Please bring a pen and paper to take notes. Also, bring a bottled water or something to drink during the duration of the class.

How to Register

Registration is required, call 1-888-321-6762 or visit:
The class will take place at Orange Regional Medical Center's Ground floor Conference room 1 or 3 or at Outpatient Building, 2nd Floor Conference Room C. Please confirm Conference Room location when you are registering.

Fee notes: Your insurance will be billed to cover the cost of attending the bariatric pre-op class. In the event your insurance fails to reimburse for the class you will be billed directly by Orange Regional Medical Center and the cost will revert to the Medicare reimbursement rate.

Bariatric Surgery Pre-Op Class Schedule


Class/Event Refund Policy: Should you need to cancel your class registration, please call us at 888-321-ORMC (888-321-6762) as soon as possible.

Inclement Weather Policy: The hospital reserves the right to waive part or all course fees if inclement weather patterns result in the cancellation of the course. The level of refund given to enrollees, if any, will be determined by the number of class hours attended by each enrollee.

Couples/Family Enrollment Policy: Certain courses are designed for couples or multiple family members to attend. The fee charged for these courses applies to both persons as a unit (unless otherwise expressed in the event description), and both persons are required to attend. Discount and refund policies apply to both persons as a unit.

Recommended Support Groups & Classes

You may also be interested in the following support groups, classes, and upcoming events related to bariatric surgery and weight-management:

Bariatric Surgery Support Group

The support group is for both pre- and post-op bariatric patients and is open to the general public. Presenters consist of plastic surgeons, certified fitness instructors, nutritionists, etc. who share their expertise on an array of topics including exercise, nutrition, and expectations before and after surgery.

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Bariatric Surgery Seminar

Bariatric Surgery Seminar at Orange Regional Medical Center.

The seminar focuses on providing the consumer with a general overview of the surgical weight loss program at Orange Regional. Attendees have the opportunity to learn criteria needed to meet surgery eligibility, receive a detailed review of surgical procedures, an explanation of complications that can be associated with surgery and much more.

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Should you have any questions about your stay at Orange Regional Medical Center or about planning to visit a family or friend who is a patient, do not hesitate to contact us at 845-333-1000.

Support Groups & Classes

At Orange Regional Medical Center, we believe that the support system we provide to our community and patients is just as important as the clinical care that we provide. This is why we offer several support groups and community educational classes to our patients, who may be experiencing a variety of different hardships or currently undergoing surgery or oncology treatment.